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16th March – 8th April 2017

Corban Estate Arts Centre
Thursdays – Sundays
11am – 4pm

Food for Thought

learning about food growing and consumption in a city in a climate of change

Enter the °TEMP zone through a large edible gateway into the park like grounds at Corban Estate then join with the Roots Creative Entrepreneurs and local students to creatively contribute to making a portable community garden.

How do we learn to use shared spaces to grow food and the rituals of shared consumption to create supportive and resilient neighbourhoods in a city in a climate of change? The Roots Creative Entrepreneurs will lead this creative food project working with a social scientist, soil scientist and school students to build the entranceway to °TEMP as an semi-permanent edible gateway and a relocatable community garden to allow spontaneous dialogue between like interested people about the challenges facing practices of food production in a changing climate. °TEMP Food puts the focus on learning about sustainable food growing and consumption habits in a city and world under stress.

The Roots Creative Entrepreneurs are a collective from a range of industries including architecture, art, design, landscape
architecture and education. The Roots aim to inspire the next generation through creativity and sustainability by delivering programmes, artworks, projects, events, festivals, exhibitions and workshops focused on young people and community. The purpose of the business is to create an opportunity to educate young people in environmental awareness and sustainability  and empowering our communities while representing who we are, and where we are from #keepingitroots.

Henderson South Primary